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THE Range

Vallejo are not only one of the most popular brands when it comes to miniature painting, they also boast one of the largest ranges.


Their paints, washes, mediums, pigments and more are all comparable in price and volume to other ranges, while proving almost unbeatable in quality.


When it comes to acrylics, they are spread across multiple ranges. These can be broadly seperated into Game Color, for brighter shades specific to fantasy miniature painting, and Model Color for more realistic and muted tones. Each of these also has an 'Air' equivalent range - allowing modellers access to an extensive range of pre-thined paints ready to paint straight out of their airbrush.


Coupled with their basic acrylics, they also have a wide range of auxiliaries, cleaners, textures, pigments, mediums and varnishes  to ensure you can always find something for every task when it comes to Vallejo.





There are a variety of options available to get started with the Vallejo range. From massive 72 colour paint sets with everything you need, to smaller sets targeted at more specific applications.

More than a great paint range, Vallejo also have a big range of products covering many other scale modelling needs. From texture pastes to pigment powders and water effects, Vallejo should have your terrain or diorama needs covered.

Outside the basics, Vallejo also has a great range of primers, cleaners, varnishes and more for all of your more technical painting requirements.


Visit the Vallejo official website to find out more information.


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